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Let the light in

Candle Collections

Made from natural beeswax and cotton wick
hand-dipped in Santa Barbara, CA


Derived from an Old English and Scottish dialects, GLŌAM encapsulates that fleeting moment of radiance just before nightfall, evoking a sense of community, tranquility and reflection. 

GLŌAM candles are made from 100% North American beeswax in Santa Barbara, California inspired by the surrounding natural beauty and the special California spectrum of light that soaks and engulfs nature from the mountains to the ocean. The candles are hand-crafted by a traditional technique of repeatedly dipping cotton wicks into hot melted beeswax sourced from bee farms mixed with natural plant dyes. In this manner, beautiful smooth candles with unique colors are slowly created, their form expanding with each dip. The gentle aroma of honey emanating from these candles further enriches the space when they are lit, purifying the air and enlivening the senses.

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